Forensic DNA Case Review

A forensic DNA report is typically a very confusing read. The report itself is in a sense just a summary of the DNA testing findings. In order to fully understand the implications and limitations of the findings, very specific discovery items must be requested. There may be additional reports in existence regarding the crime scene and evidence examination/analysis that have a strong bearing on the context of the actual DNA findings.

Mehul B. Anjaria assists in obtaining all that is needed for a comprehensive review by providing a concise written discovery request. Laboratory bench notes, electronic data, protocols, and quality control information are all necessary to review the DNA testing. Chain of custody information, records of communication about the case, and police reports are also key in a thorough case file review.

A DNA case review not only assesses the quality of the results obtained, but can reveal if the case would have benefitted from items being sampled in a different manner, or if testing of additional items is warranted.


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