Forensic DNA Testing Assistance

Re-testing DNA evidence in an independent laboratory unfortunately is not always possible or meaningful. Often evidence is consumed or altered during the initial testing in order to have the best chance of obtaining a result. If DNA re-testing is possible and warranted, or if the defense would like to test additional items not tested by law enforcement, Mr. Anjaria can assist in making arrangements for the DNA testing as follows:

  • collection of evidence including swabbing items of evidence (e.g. firearms) at law enforcement property/evidence storage facilities
  • collecting buccal DNA reference swabs from individuals in and out of custody
  • suggesting an appropriate accredited private DNA laboratory
  • assisting with drafting proposed court orders necessary to accomplish the testing
  • determining the appropriate scope of work and technology, and completing required case submission paperwork
  • serving as liaison between client and laboratory if technical decision making is required during the analysis
  • assisting client in understanding significance of the DNA testing results for their case


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