MBA DNA Consulting, LLC founder Mehul B. Anjaria has testified as a DNA expert in state and federal courts and has been deposed in civil matters.  He is a proud member of the Los Angeles Superior Court Expert Witness Panel.  Mr. Anjaria leverages his exceptional ability to distill down complicated forensic DNA issues to their essence and deliver opinions that are both understandable and practical for his attorney and pro per inmate clients. He also enjoys consulting on post-conviction matters by providing a thorough case-file and trial review, and advising on new DNA testing possibilities.

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Yes.  Although most of Mehul B. Anjaria’s work is centered in southern California, he takes on cases nationwide. He is available to provide forensic DNA consultation for international and military matters as well.  Aware of the roadblock that out of state travel costs can present when selecting a DNA expert, Mehul B. Anjaria will keep those costs reasonable.

Mehul B. Anjaria will discuss the scope of work with you and determine a cost estimate.  If his retention as a forensic DNA consultant will be through the court, then a copy of the appointment order is all that is needed to begin work.  For private cases, a retainer will be required to begin work.

Mehul B. Anjaria does not run a laboratory.  However, he can assist in making arrangements for forensic DNA testing at an accredited private forensic DNA laboratory. (Click here to visit the Forensic DNA Testing Assistance page for more info)

Yes. With the incredible sensitivity of forensic DNA testing, consumptive DNA testing is more common, and it makes re-testing of critical forensic DNA evidence impossible. (Click here to visit the Consumptive Forensic DNA Testing page for more info)

It is critical that all of the discovery underlying a forensic DNA report is obtained.  Mehul B. Anjaria can assist in drafting a DNA discovery request that is thorough, reasonable, and effective.  He can provide assistance in drafting proposed court orders and declarations for issues such as:  access to or release of evidence, access to inmates for DNA sampling, funding for his services, and funding for an independent DNA testing laboratory.  He can also review the technical aspects of your legal motions pertaining to forensic DNA issues and provide valuable input.

Mehul B. Anjaria understands the ever-changing priorities of cases and court schedules.  He is happy to communicate with his clients via phone, e-mail, and text anytime.  Mr. Anjaria understands the need for flexibility when working within the legal system on serious matters.

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