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Mehul Anjaria on All Things Crime

Mehul Anjaria on All Things Crime

Forensic DNA is, by far, the most discriminatory and scientifically sound evidence that investigators can find at a crime scene or from evidence. But even with the ability to say there is one chance in trillions that it’s NOT a certain person, forensic DNA can still be misused, misunderstood and misinterpreted. That’s where DNA experts […]

An Interview with Jared Bradley, President/CEO at M-Vac Systems, Inc.

    MBA:  What does M-Vac Systems, Inc. (MSI) specialize in? MSI specializes in wet-vacuum surface sampling.  In forensics terms, DNA material collection, especially touch DNA and collection from porous or rough surfaces like fabrics, rock or cement.  We manufacture and supply the M-Vac System and provide the on-site training and certification for using it. […]