"Thanks to you, the DA dismissed [client's] case....Thank you a million times over for your fabulous and timely work. For once I got justice for a truly innocent client."

Private attorney

"Not guilty on all charges. I can't overstate how much of a difference your help with the materials and help educating me on the topic made in reaching this outcome. Thank you!"

Public defender

"The verdict came back Not Guilty! Our client was released...after almost 2 years in custody waiting for his trial....We can't thank you enough for your help!"

Public defender

"After 3 weeks in trial and 3 days of deliberation, the jury came back and acquitted [client]. Your DNA consult and questions were pivotal. I am recommending you to everybody!"

Public defender

"Not guilty. Thank God for you! Mr. Anjaria...the resources you have provided to me and my defense are remarkable."

Acquitted defendant facing 20 years prison sentence

"Full acquittal! Your cross worked beautifully and dismantled the government's best fact! Thank you so much Mr. Anjaria, you saved [client] from a lengthy state prison sentence for a crime she did not commit."

Public Defender

"The case was dismissed last Wednesday! Thank you again for your consultation, I feel like it cleared up a lot of questions I had and assisted in my argument for a dismissal."

Public Defender

"The expert tried to fight me from the stand, and I was able to pin her to the science thanks to your work and our prep! Client was acquitted and after two years in custody, he went home."

Public Defender


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