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Mehul B. Anjaria


MBA DNA Consulting, LLC was founded in 2009 by forensic science veteran Mehul B. Anjaria to bridge science and law. Mr. Anjaria assists attorneys and inmates nationwide in understanding and assessing the complicated forensic DNA evidence in their cases. He brings a unique perspective to forensic DNA consultation as a result of his diverse background in the field.

In 2005 Mr. Anjaria co-founded a private forensic DNA testing laboratory from the ground up, and served as the Laboratory Director, DNA Technical Leader, and Quality Assurance Officer. Under his direction the laboratory became California’s first ASCLD/LAB-International accredited DNA laboratory.

Prior to that he was a criminalist in the DNA unit of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Scientific Investigations Division for six years and served as the DNA Technical Leader during his last nine months at the laboratory. Mr. Anjaria began his forensic science career in 1996 working in controlled substances analysis and clandestine methamphetamine laboratory investigations for two different ASCLD-LAB accredited law enforcement crime laboratories in southern California.

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Mehul B. Anjaria on DNAWEEKLY.com

Mehul B. Anjaria on DNAWEEKLY.com

Mehul B. Anjaria, founder of MBA DNA Consulting, LLC is a renowned DNA expert who assists attorneys and inmates in understanding and assessing complicated forensic DNA evidence in their...

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Mehul Anjaria on All Things Crime

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