Forensic DNA Case Review

Forensic DNA testing reports are typically not user-friendly and are quite confusing. The reports only represent a summary of the DNA analysis and findings. To assess the implications, strengths, and weaknesses of the forensic DNA testing, extremely specific discovery is required. Furthermore, to understand the context of the forensic evidence it is typically also necessary to review crime scene reports, police reports, sexual assault exam reports, etc.

Mehul B. Anjaria will assist in obtaining proper discovery by drafting a concise yet thorough non-boiler plate discovery request. Supporting information for a DNA report includes but is not limited to bench notes, electronic data, protocols, quality control information, communication records, and chain of custody information.

Upon a thorough casefile review, it can be determined if the case could benefit from re-testing or additional testing potentially with newer technology.

Forensic DNA Expert Witness Testimony


In his career Mehul B. Anjaria has been called as a DNA expert by both prosecutors and defense attorneys and as such has a well-rounded background in DNA trial presentation. After a casefile review, Mr. Anjaria’s testimony may be needed to present alternate interpretations, introduce new evidence, or simply to better educate juries about intricate DNA issues so that an informed verdict can be reached. He is available to testify in criminal, civil, and military matters.

Forensic DNA Trial Preparation


Early in his career testifying as a law enforcement crime laboratory DNA expert, Mehul B. Anjaria noticed that even the most aggressive cross examinations he underwent by the defense were uninformed and therefore ineffective in extracting the appropriate weaknesses of the evidence in the case.

He can assist in preparation of suggested DNA cross examination and advise on expected responses. The cross examination will pinpoint relevant information in a concise manner for your trial presentation. Mr. Anjaria is available to be present in court during cross-examination to provide real-time consultation.

DNA Testing Arrangements


Unfortunately, re-testing DNA evidence is not always possible or meaningful. Evidence can be consumed or altered during the original testing process while maximizing chances of successfully obtaining a result.

When re-testing or additional DNA testing is warranted in a case, Mr. Anjaria can assist in making arrangements for the testing as follows:

• Recommending a sampling and testing approach potentially including techniques not used in the original testing

• Recommending an appropriate private accredited DNA testing facility

• Collection of evidence including swabbing items stored at a law enforcement property/evidence facility

• Collection of reference buccal swabs from individuals in and out of custody

• Assisting with drafting proposed court orders necessary to conduct the DNA testing

• Serving as liaison with the private DNA laboratory by competing necessary case submission paperwork and being available to answer technical questions that may arise during the analysis

• Assisting client in understanding the significance of the DNA testing results and advising on court presentation


Consumptive and Post-Conviction Forensic DNA Testing


Mehul B. Anjaria has observed DNA testing at several public and private DNA testing facilities. When testing an item of evidence will reasonably consume all DNA present leaving none for re-testing, the defense may be able to request that their expert be present.

In post-conviction DNA testing cases, Mr. Anjaria has been hired to work with laboratory analysts on-site to determine the exact scope of testing based on appearance of the evidence and the history of the case.

In Propria Persona

(Pro Per)


Mehul B. Anjaria routinely works with inmates who are serving as their own attorney (In Propria Persona). He will accept collect calls and letters, visit clients face-to-face at correctional facilities, and coordinate with investigators and other experts.


Media Commentary and Consulting


Mehul B. Anjaria can provide on-camera or written expert commentary on issues relating to forensic DNA analysis. He is also available to assist television and film producers with technical consultation. Mr. Anjaria is co-host of the Crime Redefined podcast (


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